John Michael Pierobon

I teach the following instructor-led hands-on courses:

Course Title Length
Advanced Bash Shell Scripting 2 Days
Advanced Solaris System Administration 4 Days
Apache Web Server 3 Days
Bash Shell Scripting 3 Days
Basic Statistical Assessment 3 Days
C Programming 5 Days
Effective Communication & Presentation Skills 2 Days
Fortran 5 Days
How To Develop A Successful Product And How To Make Them Buy It 2 Days
How To Succeed In International Business 3 Days
Introduction to AIX 3 Days
Introduction to Linux 3 Days
Introduction to MySQL 2 days
Introduction to Solaris 3 Days
Introduction to UNIX 3 Days
JavaScript Fundamentals 2 Days
Linux System Administration 5 Days
Linux+ Certification 5 Days
MySQL Administration 2 days
OpenVMS 2 Days
Process Safety 3 Days
Red Hat Linux Essentials 5 Days
Secure Sockets Layer 1 Day
Solaris System Administration 4 Days
SUSE Linux System Administration 4 Days
Thermal Sensors 1 Day
Time Management 2 Days
Z Shell Scripting 3 Days

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