How To Develop A Successful Product And How To Make Them Buy It

Course Description

In this two-day hands-on course students learn how to create, develop, and manage successful new products.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Course Benefits

Customer focus is a key competitive advantage for any company. When a product is created, the voice of the buyer should not be lost. The product manager must understand what will be in demand, and what customers really need at the moment. Creating and developing successful new products requires a careful and thoughtful approach, and the right product manager to manage this process. Most products fail, but knowing how to effectively develop new products can significantly improve the chances of success. -------------------------------------------------

Who Should Attend

This course is valuable for anyone involved in creating and developing new products, including:





Method Of Instruction

Lecture, nine short interactive quizzes, questions and answers, and various hands-on exercises.


Hands-on Exercises

Throughout this course, students perform a series of extensive hands-on exercises including:


Course Outline

Chapter 1: What Is New Product Development Chapter 2: Brainstorming Chapter 3: Great Products Chapter 4: Why New Products Fail Chapter 5: Quality Chapter 6: Value Chapter 7: Useability Chapter 8: The Product Manager Chapter 9: Hiring A Product Manager