John Michael Pierobon

When asked to give their comments about my teaching ability, this is what my students have written.

Thank you so much for coming out to Hill AFB, Utah! Great class - I learned a lot and will be able to implement these important tools in future business endeavors.

  Michele Harris, Defense Logistics Agency

Great class.

  Nathan Pincombe, Defense Logistics Agency

Outstanding course!

  Jon Clark, Defense Logistics Agency

Very informative class, it expanded on current skills I had been using, but helped me to further hone them for future challenges. Thank you!

  Jeffrey Sanchez, Defense Logistics Agency

The instructor made the information easy to process. Very knowledgeable and made the class fun.

  Andres Aros, United States Air Force

He was a very good instructor. I would highly recommend him.

  Adam Vandyke, United States Air Force

Instructor was very knowledgeable, insightful and made the course material relevant.

  Richard Gauthier, United States Air Force

Very positive & informative.

  Orenzio Robinson, United States Air Force

Very knowledgeable on every part of this class. Enthusiastic about teaching!

  Aubrie McKinney, United States Air Force

Instructor was very knowledgeable & related topics to things that were common to make it easier to understand.

  Charles A. Johnson, United States Army

Tall & well spoken, very knowledgeable and able to express abstract concepts well.

  Dan Nafe, Dell SecureWorks

My instructor is good and I learned a lot with him.

  Mário Reis Teixeira, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very good teacher. Keep up.

  Isabel Puna, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company


  Ema de Jesus de Oliveira, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Is a good instructor. He teaches very well. I learned the things I didn't know.

  Pelágia Nhangui Muanda, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Instructor was excellent, kept the audience awake and interested in the class. Very good facilitation and people skills.

  Gourgel Neto, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very good instructor, competent, keeps the levels of student in high motivation and productive.

  João Afonso Massuca, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

He has good attitude and motivates the students.

  Alberto Muanda, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Straight forward to what is expected from the course, and good in explaining the exercises.

  Neusa Maria Casimiro, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very good.

  Francisco Tembo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Excellent. Interacting with student. Good examples (applicability).

  Francisco Mavungo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very talented, multilanguage and interactive. More opportunity to provide teachings in Angola.

  Lucas Biala, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

A very versatile teacher.

  Mário Franque, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was very clear on his explanations and the course was very useful.

  Luis Hilário Bamo Mavungo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

He really knows what is talking about. He knows what programming is. He's really an excellent teacher.

  Enrique Cruz, Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional

He is a polite man and incredible man. He is a good instructor.

  Luis Corral, Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional

Very kindly person, knowing how to manage people, dress up properly.

  Julio Zebadúa, Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional

Instructor is excellent!

  Héctor Villa, Intégrez

Excellent skills.

  António Emanuel Sumbo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very knowledgeable on subject, easy to understand and on conveying messages. Able to convey information on different languages.

  Mário José Da Silva Neiva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Experienced, fun, motivated, knowledgeable, precise, time keeper (good).

  Rui Domingues, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company


  José Silva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was confident, professional, built rapport, established a very good environment for learning and also with a good sense of humor.

  Deodete Grácias Ndohondyapo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good adaptation to the cultural background of the audience. Understand well the subject and knows how to transmit the message effectively. Thank you!

  Christian Castro, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very friendly and enthusiastic; energetic and knowledgeable; patient and good willing.

  David Zinga, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was brilliant.

  Alberto Muanda, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Well done with best knowledge.

  J. Mampuia André, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor knows well the task. He is a good presenter. Was great working with him.

  Duque Martins, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very good.

  Benedito Vaz de Carvalho Marinho, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Experienced and I hope to see you again in Malongo & Luanda to teach others about the course.

  Marta Chivela Cofé António, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was nice, active and specially made an effort to speak in Portuguese. It's a way to improve your Portuguese! Well done!

  Anatilde Sapalalo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was very clear on all the question make in the class.

  Carlos Bandi, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Excellent communicator, showing respect and openness for everybody in all situations. Very easy to follow, enthusiastic, dynamic, great voice projection and empathy that increased the interaction with people. Thank you so much for the wonderful example you set!

  Ana Sofia Pinto Marques, Heli Malongo


  Mário Rosario, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very direct. Showed knowledgement. Very precise.

  Kassyhandra Domingos, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Taught at a good pace and was helpful when we had questions.

  Teri King, Pinellas County

As good as it gets - Linux GENIUS! Thank you John Michael for the job well done!

  Mladen Zdjelar, Pinellas County

Thanks John Michael. You are extremely knowledgeable on subject. I appreciate your patience.

  Jeff Morgan, Pinellas County

Very well informed on subject matter. Entertaining.

  Jeff Rohrs, Pinellas County

Very good.

  Flo Carter, Pinellas County

Very knowledgeable. Easy to listen to.

  Rob Waterman, Pinellas County

Very good.

  Dave Wion, Pinellas County

Very energetic. Helped keep the class engaged.

  Joe Bennett, Pinellas County

Very informative.

  Ray Southworth, Pinellas County

Very knowledgeable.

  Chris Mayer, Pinellas County

He's a fantastic instructor. He is very skillful. He knows and loves what he does.

  Antonio Macaia, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

A very good instructor with outstanding communication skills. He did very well.

  Fernando da Silva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Friendly and very nice. Showed he knew the subject.

  Rui Domingues, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The course was excellent, and the instructor too.

  Álvaro Pedro Makiwila, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good instructor & very confident.

  Frank Tembo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

He's one of the best I've ever had. Very good interactive course. Instructor is very knowledgeable of what he says.

  Henrique Goyo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very knowledgeable and interesting. I greatly enjoyed his real world experiences.

  Dustin Jackson, United States Air Force

Good instructor. Knowledgeable and patient.

  Adrian Placencia, United States Air Force

Great instructor. Knew exactly what he was talking about/course materials.

  Christian Barajas, United States Air Force

Awesome! Very knowledgeable about all the topics.

  Kiernan Connors, United States Air Force

Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable!

  Steven Ingram, United States Air Force

Good job!

  William P. Vanskike, United States Air Force

Thank you!

  Christopher T. Roman, United States Air Force

He is a great instructor.

  John Inman, United States Air Force

Great instructor!

  Kenneth Hamlin, Department of the Air Force

Unique presentation style, but I loved it!

  Stuart Greig, JDS Uniphase

Personable, entertaining & knowledgeable.

  Chris Steinle, JDS Uniphase

An entertaining way to spend a weeks training. Kept the class interested in learning and motivated through the week. Thanks.

  Ronnie Masson, JDS Uniphase

Very good instruction, clear and very willing to help.

  Paul Lovett, JDS Uniphase

Very knowledgeable. Good humor.

  Donald Mackay, JDS Uniphase

I appreciate so much the instructor's explanation and his effort to lead the course in Portuguese. Thank you so much.

  Domingas Neto, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor is good on teaching and he does all best to have the people interested in the matter.

  Rafael Agostinho Nduto, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Instructor demonstrated knowledge. Excellent examples. Good Portuguese (fluent). Very interactive & motivational.

  Paula Ganga, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

John Michael is an experienced instructor. I really enjoy the class and the interaction between all.

  Cesaltina Andrade Cardoso, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

John Michael is a very strong instructor and very confident.

  Maria Augusta de Andrade, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Was straight and clear during the presentation.

  Maria Pimentel, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Great instructor, with him I achieved my objective to not be afraid to present my thoughts.

  Viana Remy, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Keep it up.

  Franklim Filipe, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very knowledgeable and prepared to the topic. Was able to teach in national language (Portuguese) that makes the course more comprehensible and easy going.

  Domingos Emilia, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Energetic, enthusiastic & knowledgeable.

  Ivan Dos Santos, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Keep the good work going.

  Carlos Saldiva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good instructor.

  Joelma da Silva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very good instructor. Patient and speak slow and clear until you understand the point.

  Eliseth Peixinho, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Great to have the lecture done in Portuguese our home language.

  Giliano André, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very experience and knowledgeable in the subject matter. This has been one of my best training classes to date both in the way it is taught, content, time management, etc. John Michael please keep up the good job! I like it and have learned a lot!

  Joao Pedro Damiao, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Great communication, clear understanding and really enjoyable attending this class.

  Petra Gordo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Polite and knows the content of the course. He managed to get everyone familiar with him. Good values he got.

  José Marcelino, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

He makes student understand what is all about the subject.

  Maria Nzungo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Instructor was brilliant! Well presented, well prepared, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic.

  Américo Paulo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Excellent communicator. I appreciate the effort on speaking Portuguese. Thanks!

  Susana Costa, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good command of the language used (Portuguese). Knew the materials he presented. Good presenter.

  Nero de Almeida, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The presenter showed good communication skills. Made a real effort to engage with the class and found the correct way to bring enthusiasm from the attendants.

  Eduardo Fernandes, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

First of all, I would like to congratulate him for his good presentation and instruction skill and to encourage him to continue having this course the same way.

  Jones Praia, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

John Michael is very experienced teacher. He can understand the needs of the student in class.

  Jorge Ndombele, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very motivated, punctual and interacted with the group.

  Nzau Mozard Mbakala, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The class was well taught.

  Pedro Kintomba, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor spoke Portuguese and he interacted with us which made the course fun.

  Katila De Oliveira, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Made the subject matter very interesting. I feel confident that I can work with Linux based system now. Great job!

  Paul Curtis, JDS Uniphase

John Michael had all good answers, willing to talk it through.

  Robert T. Griggs, JDS Uniphase

Wonderful class presence. Exceptional subject knowledge.

  Doug Meyer, JDS Uniphase

Great work!

  Siegmund Paetsch, JDS Uniphase

Very knowledgeable, patient.

  Harvey Siegle, JDS Uniphase

Does good job explaining things.

  Tim Johnston, Professional Teleconcepts

Great instructor who encouraged us every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable, professional, personable, and humorous.

  Yurina Zamora, United States Air Force

Very enthusiastic and friendly. Humored all questions.

  Benjamin Lyon, United States Air Force

Great teacher. Mr. Pierobon knows everything extremely well and can point you in the right direction for whatever you need to know. Excellent teacher! Highly recommend using him in the future. Lots of fun!

  Spencer Beale, United States Air Force

Knowledgeable & approachable. Made understanding complex issues easier by association.

  Justin Jones, United States Air Force

Great! Excellent instructor and absolute understanding of subject matter. Definitely a subject matter expert (SME).

  Roger O. Quick, III, United States Air Force

Very friendly and knowledgeable!

  Kristina Krauss, United States Air Force

Very willing to help everyone out.

  Kimberly Reinsmith, United States Air Force

Mr. John Michael was a true professional & a patriot.

  Richard C. Kuskye, United States Air Force

The best ever in my 15 years in Chevron.

  Lídia F. Pereira, Chevron

Very good instructor, he has effective communication and presentation skills.

  Isabel Cativa, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

John Michael is one of the best teachers that we have had.

  António Hélder Ramos Bóbó, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very experienced. Knows how to grab the class attention by referencing aspects of the students' culture. Made sure all students paid attention - showing that he cared.

  Gabriel Lembe, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good body language; engage the class w/interaction. Well presented.

  Ngonga Domingos, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Job well done, keep everyone involved and knows the course.

  Mateus Manuel, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Was a good instructor. He has good skills.

  Flávio Carvalho, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very good.

  Augusta Figueiredo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Is very wise person with a very good background and sense of humor.

  Aureo Viegas, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good work by the instructor.

  Rene Mavungo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company


  Loe Chipindu, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was very patient, knowledgeable and calm while presenting the course.

  Hélia Da Cruz, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Awesome person!

  Divino Kipungo, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good! Very good.

  António Freitas, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Great! Very professional and dedicated. I hope you come back for more courses.

  Marcio da Silva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor was professional, good time manager. The course was well presented & we had a lot of fun!

  Neusa Maria Casimiro, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Very enthusiastic and made us feel very comfortable.

  Marla Silva, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

He was great.

  André Pascoal Cassule, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Good instructor.

  Perpétua Barros, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company


  Edna Veracruz, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

The instructor deliver the course well, in an amazing way, was well prepared, simpatic and honest. The instructor was just the right one.

  Amelia Ramos, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

Knows his stuff.

  Steven Pruitt, United States Air Force

John Michael was enthusiastic the entire time and always made himself available for help.

  David Davila, United States Air Force

Instructor was very knowledgeable.

  Jesse Moore, United States Air Force

Great job!

  Wanda Johnson, United States Special Operations Command

The best IT trainer I have worked with in 20 years. His students were challenged and engaged for the duration of the training. His technical knowledge of Linux is incredible, yet he conveys the knowledge with humor and grace.

  David Adams, Communication By Hand

We really enjoyed your class.

  Debra Garcia, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and John Michael's instructional style. Would highly recommend!

  Manuel Medina, Raytheon

Very knowledgeable instructor. Very engaging.

  Michael Thomas, Raytheon

Better keep John Michael Pierobon! He's an awesome teacher!

  Michael Harrison, Raytheon

One of the best I have ever had!

  Richard Thayer, Raytheon

Was a great teacher! Definitely recommend him!

  Chris Bickram, Time Warner Cable

He really masters the subject.

  Jean B. Eugene

Knows how to relate concepts to real life experience.

  Peter Mazzola, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Uses great analogies.

  Juan Ricardo Perez, U. S. Army Southcom

John Michael Pierobon is perhaps one of the finest instructors I've ever come across. Kudos!

  Jorge Alvarez, Raytheon

Very knowledgeable & engaging.

  Michael Begley, Raytheon

Very good!

  Len Marella, Raytheon

Excellent! Great presentation.

  Dave Heath, ITT

Great instructor.

  Bob Parry, Dell Computer

Instructor is awesome.

  Roshni Schmalz, Dell Computer

Excellent in all areas of teaching us UNIX.

  Crystal Goecker, ITT

Truly the best instructor I've ever had in 53 years. I hope I have the opportunity to take another course from him.

  Mike Moon, ITT

One of the best I have seen!

  Dan Novembre, ITT

John Michael was superb.

  Troy Kelly, ITT

John Michael is one of the best instructors.

  Wendy Chen, Dell Computer

Great instructor. Lots of knowledge/experience. Good sense of humor. Good examples/exercises.

  Pritesh Prabhu, Dell Computer

Excellent job of structuring course to meet our needs.

  Alyssa Legg, Wyoming National Guard

John Michael was an excellent instructor with a lot of real world experience.

  Victor Lawson, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Exceptionally good.

  Angela DuBose, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Was well versed in the software and able to provide examples and comparisons to our existing usage.

  Michael Sheldon, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Instructor was very engaging and made learning an excellent experience.

  Tracey Thompson, Dallas Morning News

Easy, straight to the point learning. Great.

  Jorge Leal, Directv

Great teacher.

  David Hellinger, Directv

Very good.

  Darren St. Laurent, Directv

Instructor is very effective, knowledgeable & well informed on subject matter!

  Nolan S. Hernandez, Directv

He Rocks!

  SeeHan Huang, Directv

The Linux Fundamentals training was really outstanding. After two days of taking this class, I feel like an expert on Red Hat Linux. Not only was the material easy to follow (at least for me) but the instructor was very knowledgeable and very funny. Even my friends in Tech Services admitted that they are used to dozing off during training but not this class.

  Eduardo Barroso, Directv


  Wonda Lambert, Directv

Outstanding job.

  Donovan Reade, Directv

Exceeded expectations.

  Art Singtoroj, Directv

Instructor enthusiasm was very good. Was able to teach a "slow" course. Fun.

  Huong Kim Siverd, Scitor

Very enthusiastic; very thorough.

  Scott Sauter, Scitor

John Michael is a very good instructor, he is knowledgeable and willing to share.

  Debra McDaniel, Medical College of Georgia

His humor made it enjoyable.

  Terry Merrill, TQ3 Navigant

Made the class flow very well.

  Michelle Scherber, TQ3 Navigant

Very dedicated & concerned.

  Rob Buchwald, State of Iowa

Can tell he likes to teach.

  Guy Albertini, Palm Beach Community College

Excellent course & instructor.

  Chris Persaud, Palm Beach Community College

Excellent instructor.

  Eva Maria Cruz Pedraz, Palm Beach Community College

Excellent instructor. Communicated well & very knowledgeable.

  Louis Fernandes, Social Security Administration

Excellent instructor. Course knowledge a strength.

  Tom Jordan, Wellpoint

Instructor was very knowledgeable & was interested in students.

  Sherri Green, Defense Finance Accounting Service

John Michael is a very good instructor. Keeps you interested throughout.

  John Arsenault, MetLife

Very good at keeping students interested & awake.

  Christian Ulisse, Credit Suisse First Boston

Very interesting. Kept action in class lively. Teacher was captivating.

  Michael Wizeman, Standard & Poor's

The instructor is excellent.

  Amine Lamrabat, United Nations

One of the best! Pierobon was knowledgeable & entertaining. Good at explaining complex topics in a simple manner.

  Patricia Burns, AXA

Very enthusiastic with a very good ability to involve students. Was very knowledgeable and answered all questions well.

  Fayola Bostic, Reliant Energy

John Michael was the best instructor I have ever had for a training class. He was patient, informative, knowledgeable, witty and approachable. He also gave us many real world examples.

  Solomon Prophete, Columbia University

Flexible, lively and concise.

  Veronica de la Cruz, United Nations

Top notch. Managed the course & material very well. Would take another course from this instructor.

  Robert Jacobs, CT Corporation Systems

John Michael was an excellent instructor. He moved at a nice page and answered questions freely.

  Melissa McKenzie, Radian Asset Assurance

Great educational approach/style. Excellent time resource. Kept us involved. Excellent!

  Marcos Rodriguez, Seagate Travel

John Michael Pierobon is an excellent instructor! The stories he uses to relate topics to everyday life were very insightful.

  Connie Courtenay, United States Army

Excellent personal experience!

  Lorna Headley, Synovus Financial

I'd take courses he teaches any time. Excellent at moving class along & teaching.

  Elizabeth Pigg, U. S. Department of Agriculture

Excellent presentation. Kept us involved.

  Jared Hohman, Kaiser Permanente

Instructor was good & kept everyone involved.

  Mike Orlando, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

The instructor (John Michael) did a very good job in explaining the different ways to manage change & process.

  Jackie Robinson, Carefirst BCBS

John Michael was very savvy and had the answer to every question. He explained things very well and did not talk over anyone. Being from the non Linux programming background, he still took time to make sure I was comfortable with everything that I was doing and understood it as well.

  Gary Merrill, Fidelity

Good energy, kept class moving along at good pace.

  Brad Foster, Bell Laboratories

Very good instructor, helpful, encouraging, patient. He was very aware of his students and did what he needed to make the class a success!

  Ingrid Trotman, SAP

Very knowledgeable and experienced on the topic.

  Franck Benayoun, BNP Paribas

Top rate, very knowledgeable. And I would take another with him again!

  Phillip Hammond, University of New Hampshire

John Michael Pierobon was an outstanding instructor. I liked his style and I would take another course with him as an instructor in a heartbeat.

  Gary Atamian, Sanmina SCI

John Michael did a great job delivering the class.

  Mark Robinson, FishEye Software

Excellent instructor!

  Bryan Geraghty, Pan American Laboratories

Good, knowledgeable, lively instructor. Involves students and is always helpful and friendly.

  Ali Tanveer, U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

John Michael did a great job.

  John Bryant, Fayette County Public Schools

John Michael knows his stuff - there's no doubt in my mind about that! More importantly (as there are many people in our industry that know their sh?), John Michael knows how to teach!!! I can't stress how huge that is to me!! I can't tell you how many classes I've attended by some extremely knowledgeable instructors who don't know the first damn thing about teaching and how to convey their knowledge to the student. John Michael does - and he does so in a way that is very personable and somewhat entertaining. He moves the class along at a good pace and he's able to keep things interesting.

  Tom Hardy, Holder Properties

Wonderful instructor! Sense of humor & voice is great!

  Katrina Malone, Defense Finance Accounting Service

Great person who loves what he does. Great knowledge of material.

  Christopher Fehm, United States Air Force

John Michael was great. Hope to have him again.

  Tim Towner, BellSouth Telecommunications

John Michael did a wonderful job.

  Mollie Ussery, Defense Finance Accounting Service

Very clear, helpful. Excellent use of display system.

  David Smith, Athens Regional Medical Center

Knows subject very well.

  Chester Painter, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Teacher was very knowledgeable.

  Debra Cunningham, Olympus America, Inc.

Global experiences are very helpful.

  Michael McDowell, Arkema Group

Very rich experience. Good real life examples.

  Robert Fertig, JP Morgan Chase

Candy toss was cool & fun. Was also good that he recognized those students put off by his "throwing candy at me" and brought candy over to set them down nicely at that table.

  Darwyn Banks, United States Air Force

Excellent introducing elements from his personal experience.

  Robert Fuentes, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein

I would recommend this instructor to my friends and colleagues!

  Gini Wilson, CSC

Great presentation. Great instructor. Instructor is one of the best instructors I have ever had.

  Ernie Peters, NGA

Great instructor. Always willing to assist.

  Brian Sweatt, Lockheed Martin


  Jennifer Ni, ASMFC

Very informative; a pleasure to be in John Michael's class.

  Dorothy Lemelin, Internal Revenue Service

Well prepared & used very helpful personal examples.

  Thomas Gilroy, U. S. Army Natick Soldier Center

Instructor was personable & well informed.

  Diane Shaughnessy, Setra Systems

He was very informed & made the class interesting.

  Pamela Perras, NUWC

Instructor did a great job. Presented topics clearly and logically.

  Richard Ekeland, Prebon Yamane, Inc.

Explained technical items in detail. Answered all questions. Friendly.

  Kathleen Darling, Northrup Grumman

Excellent job. Very upbeat.

  Joseph Pahl, Con Edison

Very good, obviously knowledgeable in area and good approach to teaching. Good flow through subjects, answered questions, kept us on track.

  David Gowrie, Liberty Travel

We like the instructor and hope he will teach us again.

  Dehe Cui, GTECH

Personal experience contributions were extremely useful. Nice ties too!

  Marie McCoy, Tullett Liberty


  Tanya Lysenko, MetLife

Good execution; great voice.

  Marci Rappaport, Perbon Yamane, Inc.

John Michael taught this course very well.

  Matthew Cohen, Johnson & Johnson

Great, entertaining instructor.

  Dianne Faulkner, Georgia Army National Guard

Really friendly and interested in students' welfare. Super job.

  Jim Allen, Hollins University

Competent, attentive, professional.

  Jean-Pierre Messager, Learning Tree International

Teacher very energetic, kept great interest.

  Vicki Wiggins, Marriott International

Very knowledgeable Added real world experience which brought the course into line with how Apache is used.

  Winston Boddie, Computer System Security

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable about this subject.

  Robert Milligan, Fairfax County Government

Instructor was very patient.

  Idilio Gonzalez, Sony Latin America

Instructor was excellent.

  Jay Crafton, Reebok


  Charles Guittari, Roche Laboratories

Instructor was excellent.

  Chris Gilbert, ICMG

One of the best! Triple AAA+.

  Karin Schneider, Johnson & Johnson

Clear. Patient. Took time to ensure all understood.

  Ted Gallo, U. S. Naval Facility Engineering Services Center

Extremely enthusiastic! Really got the whole class excited and involved. Great job!

  Ron Gallagher, American Pyschiatric Association

You were a good facilitator. I thought your narratives helped to drive home important features by making them memorable in common application.

  Gia Allen, Applied Engineering Management

Personable. Knowledgeable.

  Alan Reed, U. S. Army

Excellent. Very good examples of real world. Great motivation, projection. Motivated students. Flexible. Very knowledgeable.

  Bill Szyperski, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Very good. Would enjoy taking another course. Good sense of humor. Encourages participation. Excellent knowledge of subject.

  Rebecca Milbourne, AAI Corporation

Instructor's knowledge and energy level was key to making this a good course.

  Adam Boozer, CSSG

Very good instructor; very knowledgeable.

  Vasily Lazarenko, National Gallery of Art

Very knowledgeable.

  Florence Richburg, U. S. Air Force

Clear, concise.

  Mike Powell, Coca-Cola

I thought the instructor was great. I learned a lot from him. I would like to take a course under him again some day.

  Tyrone Salters, Enterprise Computing

This has been the best.

  David Kuroda, U. S. Army

Great instructor.

  Pamela Smith, U. S. Army

Extremely knowledgeable. Kept the class interesting. Used understandable examples to relate material.

  Ed Rosinski, U. S. Marine Corps


  Jay Weaver, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Really enjoyed the class. Would like to see him teach future classes.

  Cheryl Trimble, Air National Guard

Mr. John Michael Pierobon is an excellent instructor! He is extremely personable and knows the material inside out. He made learning fun!

  Rose Ho, U. S. Comptrollers of the Currency


  Wayne Rose, U. S. Navy Criminal Investigation Service

John Michael was fun & great in getting everyone to participate.

  Karin Breiter, U. S. Army

Was an excellent instructor. He used personal experience along with his knowledge to make the class interesting.

  Matthew Byers, FEMA

He is very knowledgeable.

  Michael Beauparlant, Amgen

The instructor was excellent; very knowledgeable. He was also willing to answer questions at any time.

  Caroline Mitchell-Davis, Skadden, Arps

Brought out the "fun" in fundamentals. Very effective presentation. Maintained class attention during difficult topics.

  Eric Bombe, Global Aerospace

He knows the materials. Very articulate. Used a lot of personal examples. Great job!

  Carla Valdegas, GE Supply

Among the best. Very high energy. Enthusiasm, knowledge, personality.

  Carol Cuddihy, U. S. Customs Service

Excellent instructor. Keep him on staff as long as you can.

  Greg Dunn, Arlington County Government

Excellent instructor. Energetic. Knowledgeable. Humorous.

  Joe Tasto, Management Systems Designers

He made a dull subject interesting.

  John Coleman, U. S. Air Force

Very knowledgeable.

  Kathleen Frederick, Intelligence Data Systems

Very knowledgeable. Kept class going at a good pace for all.

  Susan Roffall, Mitre

He was great!

  Connie Coleman, Johns Hopkins APL

John Michael did a great job. High quality job in handling ringing cell phones. Very knowledgeable.

  Carl Broadhurst, Campbell University

Well qualified. Helpful.

  Lyndon Woodall, The Nature Conservancy

Sound. Thorough. Tactful. Skillful. Fun. Made it interesting. Very proficient.

  Shantanu Basu, Automatic Data Processing

Very good job.

  Joel Warriner, Eagle Alliance

Analogies are great!

  Melody Fleishauer, Sanchez Data Systems

The most energetic, involved instructor I have every had.

  Sean Hawkins, GE Global Exchange Services

Best instructor I've had yet!

  Glenn Rolph, NOAA

Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. Kept students involved.

  Mariela Reyes, INOVA Health System

He was knowledgeable. Was very prompt. Maintained the necessary pace to complete the material on time. Quite likeable.

  Joe Pawulack, Check Point

Good instructor. Able to answer questions in both group setting & individually.

  Eric Schlesinger, Sloane Automotive Group

John Michael Pierobon was excellent. Presented the course material clearly. Engaged attendees. Related material to practical application.

  Brendan Layton, Widener University

Very knowledgeable. Good at explaining in a way understandable to non-tech student.

  Matty Dalrymple, QVC


  Lisa Blaker, U. S. Department of the Army

Good job, John Michael!

  Adolf Morales, Independence Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Well informed and fun instructor.

  Kathy Sherman, Verizon

Overall the instructor did a good job of teaching the material. He interacted with the class and made the experience enjoyable.

  Richard Vance, Cendant

This was the best instructor I have ever had. Can't say enough nice things about John Michael Pierobon. He is a consummate professional!

  Annie McGuinness, Verizon

Kept students participating. Excellent analogies to non-technical life examples.

  Stephanie Simmons, Johnson & Johnson

Very energetic and in tune with the students' needs. Conveyed all chapters very clearly. Able to answer all questions.

  Catherine Cruz, Ann Taylor

I have very high regard for Mr. Pierobon's instructing. Also I am very impressed with his knowledge in areas of close proximity to the course. Excellent personal skills.

  Mark Geykhman, Verizon

Very knowledgeable. Good at getting class involvement. Always translates to real world experience.

  Jeff De Guzman, Northrup Grumman

Very good instructor. Very knowledgeable in area.

  Nicholas Wise, U. S. Navy

John Michael was fantastic at keeping me interested and alert.

  Steve Preston, SCI Consulting

Very helpful. Brings things down to our level when necessary.

  David Orangeo, AT&T

Very good instructor. Very interesting & knowledgeable.

  Gary Rahn, BMW of North America

Great real life examples. Patient answering all questions. Excellent enthusiasm!

  Vicki Duellman, Prudential Insurance

Patient, encouraged involvement & made it fun.

  Amy Hockenjos, Omni Logistics

Very good explanation.

  Bernett Fernandez, Prudential Insurance

Very thorough. Very conscientious.

  Joel Kaplan, UBS Warburg

John Michael was one of the best instructors I've had. Knowledgeable. Used excellent examples. I learned a lot.

  Joseph Harvis, AIG

John Michael was very good. He is very knowledgeable about this subject.

  Kevin Behre, AT&T

The best instructor I have ever had. Managed the class very well.

  Oleg Margolin, MetLife

Excellent, made the course enjoyable. Extremely knowledgeable background!

  Barbara LaRocco, Masterfoods USA

John Michael was extremely knowledgeable and informative. This was a great class.

  Amy Latronica, Merck

Very dynamic.

  Michele Termini, Merck

Very good.

  Bonnie Busch, R. R. Donnelley

John Michael is an excellent instructor! I'd love him to teach all my classes.

  Bev Davis, Village of Arlington Heights

Knowledgeable & personable.

  Terri Grasty, TAP Pharmaceutical

Great job. Really had fun in the class. Very helpful.

  Helen Maiorano, R. R. Donnelley

Excellent presentation, experience & fun.

  Derrick Lord, General Motors Europe

Very knowledgeable instructor. Good examples.

  Phil Evans, General Motors Vauxhall

Knew his subject & gave an excellent delivery.

  David Andam, General Motors Vauxhall


  Paul Davies, General Motors Vauxhall

John Michael is an excellent instructor and encouraged full participation from all delegates. He also shared some pertinent personal experiences where appropriate.

  Manoj Patel, General Motors Vauxhall

Excellent preparation and delivery. Sound in depth knowledge. Good course management.

  David Hulme, General Motors Europe

I appreciate your patience and kindness.

  Sun Craig, Administrative Office of The U. S. Courts


  Ira Levine, Armed Forces Radio

Very good trainer.

  Alexander Tsolkas, General Motors Europe

Very knowledgeable.

  Marilou Apor, Con Edison

Was a great instructor from start to finish.

  Paul Cavanagh, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

Great personality. Great presentation skills, stamina.

  Jan Makarewicz, Megasys, Ltd.

John Michael knew the subject matter. Used personal experience & examples. Addressed the class by name & interacted with them.

  Mike DiTommaso, AIG

Very knowledgeable.

  Hilda Gower, Pennsylvania National Guard

Course materials were well presented and all facets covered. Good pacing of subject matter. Kept class interested and positive. Good knowledge. All questions & concerns addressed.

  Janet Verbeke, Sharp Electronics

John Michael was very very good.

  Susan Harris, District of Columbia Department of Human Service

Mr. Pierobon is the consummate teacher. Very compelling and entertaining. Great sense of humor; thoroughly engaging.

  Carl Alvers, U. S. Army

Excellent. Very good at making me feel comfortable about asking. Kept everyone involved. He made it more interesting.

  Diana Farrelly, Basis Point

Instructor made the course enjoyable and fun. Very knowledgeable of subject. High level of involvement with students.

  Elizabeth Hamlett, Freddie Mac

Has thorough knowledge of all questions asked. Excellent management of time. Entertaining!

  Patrick Anderson, OAO Corporation

I would highly recommend him.

  Wesley Lewis, District of Columbia Department of Human Service


  Stephanie Rolle, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

Knowledgeable on the topics & ability to speak to the topics was very good.

  Wendy Rose, General Motors

Full of energy. Not monotone. Knowledgeable.

  Paul Youker, General Motors

Excellent presentation and pacing. Great sharing of experience.

  Kedar Navkal, General Motors

I enjoyed this class. You can really tell that John Michael enjoys teaching. He made the class fun.

  Paul Brandt, General Motors

He was a very positive person.

  Karyn Campo, General Motors

Very knowledgeable about topics & material. Great job!

  Michael Chrisom, General Motors

Spoke to all of the class. Kept at a good level. Did not speak to just those who already knew topic.

  Diane Spiga, General Motors

Kept class moving and interesting. Had vast experience & knowledge on subject.

  John Skiba, General Motors

Great instructor! He kept the class moving. Best one so far. I learned more than I though I would. Great job! Thanks. Thank you, John Michael.

  Walter Szyszlo, General Motors

Very knowledgeable. Interesting background. Experienced.

  David Evans, General Motors

Very clear examples. Easy to follow.

  Kevin Wood, General Motors

Hard working, engaging, resilient, smart.

  Raveen Dwivedi, General Motors

Good energy, voice modulation.

  James Pfleger, General Motors

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

  John Hassey, General Motors

Excellent Job!

  Kurt Johnson, Learning Tree International

Very knowledgeable.

  Rhonda Andrews-Hodge, Georgia-Pacific

Excellent, knowledgeable and personable.

  Margaret Simms, Concert

Made the course very interesting.

  Sandy Eady, Concert

Knowledgeable & friendly.

  Nathan Quandt, Automatic Data Processing

High energy; well organized. Knows the subject.

  Denise Dancie, Georgia Pacific

Outstanding. Vibrant.

  Ron Daws, Robbins-Giola

Very good job. Especially liked his enthusiasm.

  Irvin Fuchs, Concert


  Dave Clougherty, Novartis

Well prepared & engaging.

  Alphonse Porcello, Novartis


  Scott Hibbard, Novartis

Keeps it interesting. Encouraged questions & interaction. Puts in a lot of effort.

  John Scharwath, Novartis

Very good use of examples to teaching.

  Alejandro Arce, General Motors de México

He is very good at teaching and involving the students. Teaching the course in Spanish gave us a plus in our learning.

  Diana Villeda, General Motors de México

Very good.

  Jeffrey Vanderklok, General Motors

John Michael was most interesting as well as informative.

  Bruce Ogden, Inspex

John Michael, you did a very good job!

  Todd Palmatier, General Motors

Very cooperative.

  Omead Hashemi, General Motors

Interesting, well paced.

  Brian Narlock, General Motors


  James Flees, General Motors

Presentation pace is perfect. Not too fast or too slow.

  Michelle Janish, General Motors

Great instructor. Enthusiastic & exciting presenter.

  George Verstraete, General Motors

Skillfully presented topics. Highly knowledgeable. Excellent interaction.

  Babu Amarnath, General Motors

Excellent job. Used examples to help learning.

  Nancy Andersen, General Motors

Answered all of our questions. Excellent in handling class problems; redirecting & focusing.

  Steve Finch, General Motors

Knowledgeable. Expert. Informed.

  John Rotegard, U. S. Department of Commerce

Very knowledgeable. Good insertion of life experiences.

  Quinn Congdon, U. S. Army

Was surprised to be able to stay attentive & not get overloaded. Good job!

  Cindy Walczak, National Institute of Health

Well prepared, insightful, and entertaining.

  Kevin Long, Barrios Technology

Excellent instructor.

  James Phillips, U. S. Navy Crimmial Investigation Service

Very well informed. Very personable. Kept class interesting.

  Tom Sorensen, Conagra

Very good at relating technical issues to real life.

  Philip King, York International

Great use of analogies to drive the point across. Actively involved students.

  Sylvia Seuss, Montgomery County

Excellent dry sense of humor.

  Tamara Bourne, U. S. Pharmacopeia

Outstanding! Great group dynamics, understanding and classroom management skills. Kept students engaged. Controlled pace well.

  James Wetzel, U. S. Postal Service

Great. His knowledge of the course was good.

  Craig Hailstock, U. S. Department of Justice

Very good. Knowledgeable.

  Kathy Winne, General Motors

Very good style, manner, technique.

  Ronald Hapanowicz, General Motors

Love the energy!

  Liz Snoblen, General Motors

Religiously thorough and kept us involved. Good experience on topic.

  Larry Adams, General Motors

Excellent, motivational.

  James Long, General Motors Saturn

Good job!

  Wayne Bone, General Motors Saturn

Very knowledgeable. Class moved at a good pace.

  Daniel Hajec, General Motors Saturn

Well done!

  Wayne Bolt, General Motors

He was very engaging.

  Bill Bridges, Princeton University

John Michael was very good with keeping everyone involved.

  Ross Marshall, Merck

John Michael did an excellent job. His wealth of real world examples was a great asset.

  James Shultz, Nasarene Publishing House

Very nice, very professional. Good sense of humor.

  Julia Ching, Goldman Sachs

Instructor very knowledgeable & willing to help.

  Deb Linley, Schlumberger

John Michael is an excellent instructor.

  Valerie Davis, New York City Housing Authority

Best instructor I ever had.

  Arlene Sciancalepore, United Nations

Very witty.

  Lynda Hayden, Bank of New York

John Michael is the best teacher I ever had.

  David Eng, New York City Housing Authority

"The best."

  Frances Corne, Sara Lee Sock Company

Very knowledgeable.

  Anthony Roberson, Printmaker International

He was great.

  Kevin Creason, Barrios Technologies

Seemed very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

  David Speers, Smithkline Beecham

Knowledgeable. Didn't let you go to sleep! Friendly.

  Sarah Beresford, Praxis Critical Systems

John Michael presented the course content very well & involved us all.

  Alan Rushton, Praxis Critical Systems

John Michael was quite involving and made a good job of including all the class.

  Simeon Willis, Orange Plc

Knowledgeable & interesting.

  Kevin Hoffman, Chase Global Funds Services

The best instructor I have ever had! John Michael made learning fun & interesting, capturing the students' attention and fascination with the subject material covered.

  Robert Hiscock, General Motors

Appreciated the process of class participation.

  Herb Schroeder, General Motors


  Skip Harrell, Medic Computer Systems

Thought he did a great job!

  Zemp Davis, Medic Computer Systems

Funny guy!

  Sam Kirshteyn, Genomics Collaborative

Very professional. Put the extra effort out to make the course work for us.

  Gregg Harris, US Bank

Very knowledgeable about the material in addition to several other areas. Humorous and well organized. He maintained his great teaching style over the course; never wavering.

  Suzanne Dagesse, Bradlees

Excellent, but looks/sounds too much like Tom Brokaw.

  Thomas Toner, RSA Security

John Michael is very energetic about his teaching. Very knowledgeable. Was always in control of the class. Seem very confident about the material. Used many examples that helped bring everything together.

  Carl Mundell, Sigma-RBI

Does a good job. Keeps class involved.

  Kan Thoma, Torrington Company


  Marybeth Shay, Hartford Insurance Group

A great instructor. Kept us awake. Good presentation style. Very knowledgeable & personable.

  Tom Schwartzentruber, General Motors Canada

Excellent. Made course material interesting & fun. Enthusiastic, obviously enjoyed what he was teaching.

  Laura Tumbas, General Motors Canada

Was outstanding at keeping interest of group & keeping the pace up without short changing any individual. "Well done."

  Roy Campbell, General Motors Canada

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A real hands-on guy!

  Paul Kaptur, General Motors

John Michael has a good sense of humor and repeats the course material enough to make students remember the material.

  Kathy Liu, ILX Systems

Very good presentation skills.

  Jack Chan, ILX Systems

Always entertain any question asked. Goes thru topics in a very timely manner. Very clear and friendly.

  Victor Pecache, ILX Systems

He's very energetic and kept me awake for all the topics. He had some good, practical examples from his work experience.

  Annie Mendelson, ILX Systems

He was knowledgeable. He gave very good examples. He is very clear and gets everyone involved. He is an excellent instructor.

  Johnny Lam, ILX Systems

John Michael did a great job of keeping the class fun, informative, & well paced.

  Eli Luttallan, Endeavor Information Systems

Seemed to be very knowledgeable about the details of how to do things properly.

  Kurt Sakaeda, Northern Illinois Gas

Easy to understand. Enthusiastic. Approachable.

  Kevin Knutson, National Marrow Donor Program

Dynamic and engaging. Doesn't take self too seriously. Checks to make sure class is keeping up.

  Keith Engwall, Endeavor Information Systems

Knowledgeable & enthusiastic!

  Terence Bills, City of Ketchikan

Very knowledgeable and is a good instructor. He is very willing to help his students understand the content clearly.

  Andy Davis, Motorola

He was very knowledgeable & helpful. Great teacher.

  Rachele Covino, ADI

Very knowledgeable & lots of clarity.

  Rahul Khanna, Hilton Engineers

Made the course fun and informative.

  Richard McCarthy, Audrey Cohen College

Was enthusiastic, and he made students enthusiastic about subject.

  Reuben Banaag, Metro North Railroad


  Belinda Flaherty, American Express

Excellent. John Michael is an excellent instructor who knows the subject very well. He explains everything clearly.

  Sophia Anagnostakos, Deutsche Bank

The best instructor I have seen so far. Presentation, emphasis on the important stuff is excellent.

  Tirumalarao Konuthula, Smiths Industries Activation Systems

He was great.

  Mita Kothan, Sharp

He's brilliant and funny!

  Jojo Itutud, American Re-Insurance

Very knowledgeable, very helpful. Was able to connect course to his practical experience.

  Emanuel Schorr, Citicorp

Very good instructor. Professional and charismatic.

  David Daham, Supercomp

Very knowledgeable & lively.

  John Ludwig, Bottom Line Technologies

Excellent skills.

  Leonard Spinelli, Sharp Electronics

Very knowledgeable. Very good illustrations to make a point.

  Thomas Chesson, Chase Manhattan

Very knowledgeable.

  Genya Hopf, Aventis Pharmaceuticals

Excellent. Very dynamic. Kept the interest & pace going.

  Maggie Barry, Merrill Lynch

Excellent! Related material to real world examples, involved student participation.

  Karolyn McKelvey, Merck

Among the best I have seen. Very confident, positive, alive, knowledgeable.

  Monique Legare, GMAC

He was very enthusiastic.

  Tamyra Griffin, SAP America

John Michael is an excellent teacher. Keeps students engaged and interested in material.

  Carolyn Hastings, JP Morgan

Very knowledgeable; willing to assist when asked.

  Michelle Bozzone, JP Morgan

Excellent presentation & student involvement.

  Steve Fischer, Merck

Very knowledgeable and patient.

  Michael Start, U. S. Army

John Michael did a great job. Given a choice of classes, I would select the class he was teaching.

  Jeff Cousino, General Motors

Excellent instructor. I learned a great deal.

  Darryl Hudson, General Motors

John Michael was excellent!

  Barret Bryant, Everest Technical Solutions

You are great. The class is quite interesting.

  Hendra Sugianto, AT&T

Excellent instructor. Could easily maintain interest and involvement of class participants.

  Andrew Fitzgerald, Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers

John Michael adds a lot to the course content from his personal experience in the field.

  Melissa Anderson, Motorola

Encouraged and answered all questions. Very professional.

  Salim Musani, U. S. Air Force

Very energetic.

  Diego Martinez, U. S. Navy

Excellent teaching methods.

  Richard Alvarez, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

Very good approach of the course and interaction with the students.

  Yves Rogies, Andersen Consulting

Enthusiastic & energetic. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Uses personal experience often, also illustrates in an understandable fashion.

  Robert Younker, Absolute Bonding Corporation

Instructor exceeded all expectations. I thought the last instructor I had was great, but he was only fair compared to John Michael.

  Tom Callahan, City of Hope Medical Center

Instructor's presentation skills were excellent. Good vocal fluctuation. Good use of analogies. Excellent encouragement of questions.

  Kim Moore, The Capital Group

Very knowledgeable on subject, never a dull moment. ( Kept us alert and participating. ) Great sense of humor.

  Cindy Nelson, Nestlé

Very energetic, lively. Friendly. Takes time to answer questions.

  Robin Hines, NCR

Great and clear. Great job!

  Eric Franklin, AFCOM

John Michael is a very good instructor. He encourages class interaction.

  Adelaine Pamposa, CIBC Oppenheimer

John Michael is lively and engaging. He gives a lot to the course and we in turn got a lot out of it.

  Tracey Drayton, Brooks Brothers

Excellent trainer. Good motivator and entertainer.

  Muhammad Khan, TIAA/CREF

Awesome instructor. Never fell asleep in class. First time in 10 years.

  Harry Chomko, Amerada Hess

Well prepared. Knowledgeable. Encouraged questions. Answered everything in appropriate detail. Very good job.

  Len Lombardo, Trans Union

I thought I wouldn't understand the classes, but thanks for the instructor, he help me in my main language to let me understand the class.

  Chistopher Gonzales, PSI Prime

John Michael was very informative. Personally enjoyed instructor's use of class participation. All questions answered correctly.

  Wanda Tyson, Avon Products

John Michael is an excellent teacher with a unique ability to explain technical information.

  Lillie Churchill, Chase Manhattan

Excellent. Very well informed; motivator.

  Susan Jenks-Santos, Banco do Brasil

Excellent instructor! I would like to take another class taught by him!

  Stephanie Brambilla, Chase Manhattan

The instructor provided detailed information. Enjoyed sharing knowledge with class. Very excited about teaching the course.

  Desiree Billinger, Avon Products

Great job!

  Rick Carlberg, Trans Union

Thanks! Great job.

  John Nekus, Trans Union

Very good.

  Trish Warrian, General Motors

He was excellent.

  Eric Deterding, General Motors

The instructor was good at keeping our attention, encouraging questions, and continuity. John Michael had a good sense of humor.

  James Harkness, General Motors

Excellent job, knew material, kept class moving & interesting.

  Michael Powell, General Motors

Good knowledge, blended it well with material.

  Greg Semple, General Motors

Pleasant, nice, energetic, good verbal projection. Reinforced learning throughout course.

  Jay Gersabeck, General Motors

Easy flow of material by instructor.

  Gerald LePouttre, General Motors

Good instructor. Kept the class interesting.

  Carolyn Fitzgerald, General Motors

Enthusiastic about course. Flexible. Interested in students learning experience.

  Sal Manuel, General Motors

Very good job. Enthusiastic.

  Rick Kern, General Motors

Extremely knowledgeable. Very didactic, excellent "teacher". Energetic & enthusiastic.

  Amelia Lauer, General Motors

Outstanding. Enjoyed this class very much, due to instructor.

  Roy Hathorne, General Motors

John Michael took time to explain subjects as many times as was necessary for all to understand. I liked the fact that he used both pictures and words to explain subjects.

  Denise Spotts, General Motors

Great job. Very knowledgeable on subject. Good real life examples. Gets audience to participate.

  David Pruett, General Motors

Excellent teaching methodology.

  Steven Dombrowski, U. S. Department of Defense

Kept students involved.

  George Garrett, U. S. Department of the Army

Knowledge of subject matter was very good. He was able to answer every question.

  Cheryl Deller, Johns Hopkins University

High energy class. Did his best to help students absorb the material.

  Carla Legendre, Empire One Telecom

Instructor was very knowledgeable. I look forward to taking another class with him.

  Rita Wiggins, Nextel


  Colin Talamahina, GMAC

Very good.

  David Astley, GMAC

Very energetic & enthusiastic.

  Christine Argyropoulos, GMAC

John Michael was very knowledgeable on all of the topics and a very useful resource throughout the course.

  Andrew Carroll, Holden, Ltd.

Good, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

  Asif Khan, General Motors Asia Pacific

John Michael Pierobon was the best instructor I've had. Very knowledgeable & energetic!

  John Pletcher, Mitre Corporation

John Michael Pierobon was very well informed. Extremely helpful and understanding, with a great attitude. I really enjoyed him and learned.

  Leonard Nedzela, New York City Department of Correction

John Michael was extremely well versed in the subject. Made course interesting and kept all involved.

  Rosemarie Basile, Price Waterhouse Coopers

Very experienced. Excellent trainer.

  Laura Dohnanyi, Bayshore Community Hospital

Very energetic.

  Karen Liddy, M&M Mars

John Michael was excellent. He encouraged questions & made the class interesting.

  Michele Sutton, Dun & Bradstreet

The instructor did an excellent job of keeping everyone involved. He attended to all our questions.

  Steven Taranto, Instinet


  Mia Dellarusso, Fidelity Investments

The instructor was very good.

  Paul Campbell, Internal Revenue Service

Kept great control of the large group. Answered all questions. Welcomed class participation. Very knowledgeable.

  Gina Pazzanese,

The instructor was excellent & kept your attention.

  Vicki Eaton, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The best instructor I have had. Dynamic, and interesting. Helpful.

  Donna Mooers, U. S. Postal Service

John Michael's enthusiasm and knowledge were outstanding. He was a master at keeping everybody's attention.

  Janice Hersey, Raytheon

I found John Michael to be extremely knowledgeable and professional with a ton of real world experience.

  Ted Doherty, ZD Events

Good command of class. Energetic. Knew students names. Got us all participating.

  Mike Morrissey, IXC, Inc.

Effective teaching style.

  Vernon Berger, Pegasystems

John Michael is friendly and well informed.

  Andrew Giana, RSA Security

Very good. Good knowledge of industry.

  Theron Rohr, ZD Events

Excellent instructor!

  Anne-Marie Fiorino, Childrens Hospital of Boston

John Michael is an excellent instructor. Keeps the class moving & is aware of the attention level of the students at all times.

  Merrith Sabo-Jones, Fidelity Investments

Very animated.

  Joe Moscato, National Marine Fisheries Services

Very knowledgeable, patient and helpful.

  Gina Linkenhoker, Capital One

John Michael is very good instructor. Very knowledgeable of the subject.

  Susana Robinson, NWDA

John Michael is very professional and knowledgeable. He conducted a very good class.

  Greg Venia, SAIC


  Edward Younker, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Very helpful. Referred to excellent "real life" examples.

  Melissa Anderson, Motorola

Excellent teacher.

  Jackie Patch, Quality Systems

Excellent instructor.

  Sharmila Vaswani, U. S. Army

Very good. Very funny guy. Made learning fundamental. Excellent knowledge of material.

  Philip Perlberg, Alta Systems

Knows his stuff & imparts it well.

  Scott Wessinger, Stanley Associates

Good speaker. Involved student. Knowledge of material: excellent.

  Walter Benesch, U. S. Department of Defense

Would take a class with him again. He's a very good instructor!

  Dawn Harrison, U. S. Air Force

He did an outstanding job. He had the knowledge and practical experience. He always had time to answer questions without the pressure of a time line.

  Joseph Powers, U. S. Department of Defense

He was knowledgeable, cheerful, and kept the class involved.

  Ton Gatten, Penn State

Very good instructor.

  Kenneth Barber, Centers for Disease Control

Very good.

  Kelly Cook, Centers for Disease Control


  Gregory Hu, Global One

Very knowledgeable. Excellent teaching skills. Fun.

  Debbie Diffee, Internal Revenue Service

Very knowledgeable. Kept class interesting.

  Mary-Beth Duffy, General Motors

Very knowledgeable and interesting. Kept you interested.

  Jim Sealey, General Motors

John Michael was excellent. Really kept it interesting and he managed the class very effectively.

  Norm Fontaine, General Motors

Great teacher. Very enthusiastic.

  Nick Smith, General Motors

The most knowledgeable instructor I've had.

  John Webb, National Imagery & Mapping

Excellent instructor.

  Sandy Hammond, Defense Intelligence Agency

Best instructor.

  Joanna McGowan, James K. Polk Elementary

Instructor extremely experienced. Made learning enjoyable. Maintained control without being obvious; a handy skill. Kept people involved.

  Richard White; Booz Allen & Hamilton

Did an excellent job. Very clear & concise.

  Cevon Smith, U. S. Foreign Broadcast Information Services

Witty and fun. Kept it lively, but not overly chatty. Just the right balance between personable & professional.

  Donna Coakley, SAIC

The instructor was excellent.

  Michael Holt, ACS Government Solutions Group

Excellent teacher. Was able to get across his knowledge to us.

  Julia Caul, AT&T

He was great! Funny, knowledgeable, prompt, attentive.

  Hermione Betts, Hewlett-Packard

Liked the instructor. Good delivery and class involvement.

  Joni White, U. S. Department of Defense

Great instructor! Very knowledgeable & enthusiastic. Kept my attention the entire class.

  Tracey Reed, U. S. Army Research Laboratory

Very knowledgeable, helpful & personable. Didn't let students go off on tangents. Kept class controlled.

  Arlene Craig, U. S. Department of Commerce

John Michael did a great job.

  Pat Bullock, Exxon Mobil

Excellent instructor, dynamic, motivational, knowledgeable.

  Sharon Forrest, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services

Excellent delivery and techniques for keeping class involved.

  Leighton Hansel, FDA

Excellent. Informed. Kept my interest.

  Alfred Olson, Okidata

John Michael was able to get everyone involved in the class.

  Chris Coning, MBNA

I really felt like the instructor actually knew what he was teaching; & taught me in a language I understood.

  Erica Robinson, United States Military Academy

John Michael was a great instructor. Knowledgeable. Held interest of class.

  Phyllis Kalmey, Gartner Group

I would like to have this instructor ( John Michael ) again in the near future.

  Natasha Rybisheva, Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Instructor made students comfortable to ask questions. Instructor always had the answers.

  Jim McCole, MBNA

Very well organized. All students were involved. Good strategy used to involve everyone.

  Madhu Narula, Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Best instructor I've ever had. Excellent command of the topic & good delivery. Made all subjects interesting.

  Delaney Wilson, MBNA

Very knowledgeable instructor. Kept class moving at a very nice pace.

  Awilda Johnson, State of New Jersey


  David Walsh, Saint Joseph University

Excellent knowledge of the subject.

  Harold Partelow, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

Excellent enthusiasm. High energy. Positive.

  Carol Schoeppier, August-Home Publishing

Excellent instructor.

  Scott Banker, Keyspan Energy

John Michael is very well-qualified and well-versed in the course content. He keeps the class moving and encourages questions.

  Mary Ann Shea, U. S. Postal Service

The instructor was a pleasure.

  Stella Yu, Edison Enterprises

Instructor was very good at encouraging people to ask questions.

  Enrico Pineda, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

All schools need instructors like him.

  Horace Jackson, Maxim Group

Mr. Pierobon is an excellent instructor!

  Marshall Reed, UCLA

John Michael was excellent! His practical knowledge of subject matter is incredible. His manner, including enthusiasm, was refreshing!

  Denni Harp, Pacific Bell

John Michael is an exceptional instructor. He took a potentially dry & difficult subject and presented it as exciting & easy to learn.

  Karen Mattice, MSC Software

John Michael's presentation of the course material plus his extensive experience is among the best I have ever encountered. He made this course for me!

  Robert Oliver, Pacific Bell

Instructor knowledgeable and funny!

  Patrick Bennett, E! Entertainment TV

Instructor kept the class alive & interesting. Voice modulation was very good, He encouraged class participation.

  Maria Sison, State of California Department of Water and Power

Kept me interested. Answered all of my questions. Clear explanations.

  Cynthia Beatie, City of Compton

Energetic. I thought the instructor ran the class very well. He involved the class in an unique way and was interesting to learn from.

  Timothy Stewart, General Motors

Kept good pace & was great at interaction with students.

  Nicholas Behmann, General Motors

Excellent instructor. Kept class alive. Used good examples. Approachable.

  Ian Soutter, General Motors

Excellent job. Encouraged student involvement.

  Nancy Burns, General Motors

I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable. Had an agreeable teaching style, and went out of his way to answer questions from the class.

  Rick Lewandowski, General Motors

Excellent class management in keeping participants involved.

  Maurice Aljadah, General Motors

Very good. Rich experience!

  Tony Deady, General Motors Europe

Knowledgeable, friendly & enthusiastic.

  Nick Cash, General Motors Europe

Very motivational. Even the dry stuff got interesting. Great to have insight into personal experiences.

  Peter Vasey, GMAC

Very professional, lively, enthusiastic and accommodating.

  Mark Perry, General Motors Europe

Great instructor. Made the course. Excellent knowledge & presentation.

  Larry Penzien, General Motors

Extremely enthusiastic & worked hard to keep class involved.

  Harry Wimble, General Motors

Best so far!

  Craig Frasa, General Motors

Kept us going. Kept us on track. Good pace.

  Vicki Cornecelli, General Motors

Great, excellent instructor. One of the best.

  Ivonne Munguia, General Motors

Great. Enthusiastic. Encouraged participation.

  Laura Hoover, General Motors

Great job!

  Jeff Costew, General Motors

Excellent instructor.

  Arvid Martin, General Motors

Very knowledgeable, very positive, kept course on track.

  Peter Olson, State of California


  Kevin Brown, State of California

Good. He was very accommodating to my vision problem.

  Mary Jo Wyckoff, State of California

Very clear. Great grasp on all the material. Very helpful.

  Dov Greenburg, M. Hiller & Son

John Michael Pierobon is an enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable professional who brings this class together in an informative, compelling and fun manner.

  Charles Katz, Citibank

Great. He is excellent at reinforcing the material. Good every day life examples to explain technical concepts. Very god at keeping class attention over long hours.

  Sharon Alforque, Keyspan Energy

Very good. John Michael Pierobon is a very knowledgeable person.

  Shuaib Khan, DMR Consulting

Top! I wish I can take all the courses given by John Michael.

  Yoohwan Kim, Lucent

Best instructor I have had so far. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

  Raj Sethi, AT&T

Very knowledgeable and a good deal of hands-on practical examples.

  Bob Harrison, HSBC Securities

Nice job, John Michael!

  Megan Pulliam, State of Maryland


  Craig Friedline, DSADC

He was objective; clear and performed his task very well. He answered all my questions with necessary depth. He is very up to date and specialist in the area.

  João Penaquio, General Motors do Brasil


  José Carlos de Medeiros, General Motors do Brasil

The instructor was ready to answer all kinds of doubts.

  Carlos Alberto Dias, General Motors do Brasil

Instructor has a very good knowledge on all the subjects covered in the course. Besides speaks great Portuguese.

  Débora Nogueira, General Motors do Brasil

Very good!

  Regina Tondato, General Motors do Brasil

Great. Knowledgeable. Kind & patient. Helpful.

  John Siu, Defense Supply Center


  Randy Ristine, Sterling Diagnostic Imaging

Outstanding job! Highly knowledgeable. Energetic.

  George Lentini, INS Services

Very knowledgeable. Good teacher. I would take another class with him.

  Lisa Crockett, SAP America

John Michael did an excellent job.

  Weldon Uptmor, Reliant Energy

Very knowledgeable & friendly.

  Doug Cannon, Starwood Hotels

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

  Jennifer Houston, Fidelity Investments

Very dynamic, excellent grasp of material. Excellent contact with students. Willing to spend extra time answering questions.

  Batsheva Fenster, Bank Boston

John Michael is an excellent teacher! He explained concepts in "plain" English.

  Maureen Caddell, Fidelity Investments

Very good. Knew his stuff & kept the class moving.

  Jackie Shaw, Chase Access Services

Very knowledgeable and communicated subject efficiently.

  Richard Newman, Sungard Asset Management

Excellent knowledge.

  Tanya Markovoz, Chase Access Services

Very knowledgeable. Very willing to assist when in doubt.

  John Reed, Tufts University

Great job!

  Alan Moyer, Polaroid

Excellent, very knowledgeable.

  Maclean Fitzgerald, Fidelity Investments

Very knowledgeable, professional, pleasant, & comfortable.

  Patricia Lake, Boeing

One of the best instructors I have had for training. Managed class & time extremely well.

  Terry Smitherman, Houston Industries

Excellent job! Very knowledgeable, explains things simply & well.

  Elaina Kenney, Fidelity Investments

Very well informed & interested in teaching.

  William Pepe, Andersen Consulting

Experienced, well spoken, concerned.

  Paul Morales, Medical Economics

Instructor has thorough knowledge of course material. Always gave good examples to illustrate points.

  Loretta Dispenza, Lufthansa Systems

Great enthusiasm & energy! Highly knowledgeable.

  Bruce Stephens, TIAA/CREF


  Roland Lucas, Andersen Consulting

Very personable & knowledgeable.

  Denise Robertson, National Guard Bureau

Instructor was great and loud! Wish more were like him. He definitely enjoyed what he taught.

  Denise Ravotta, U. S. Navy

Highly motivated, very informed.

  Tom Smith, Lucent

Excellent instructor.

  Kevin Hickey, U. S. Department of Defense

We had excellent instructor!

  Larisa Marchevskaya, CCH, Inc.

John Michael involved all students & provided an environment that was comfortable to ask questions.

  Kim Huston, U. S. Cellular

Great job.

  Margaret Kubaitis, University of Illinois

John Michael was a very dynamic instructor. He kept the class interesting & encouraged participation. Obviously, John Michael is an expert in the area. There was nothing he could not answer.

  Brian Muñoz, U. S. Air Force

John Michael did a wonderful job. His presentation, knowledge, etc. was great!

  Kerry Hatfill, Manteno School District

John Michael had a real enthusiasm & passion for the course.

  Sandy Ryan, First Card

Excellent. Very knowledgeable.

  Mark Loach, IBM

Very positive. John Michael was approachable and knowledgeable on every subject.

  Matt Armstrong, Morgan International

Excellent. Can't see how he could have done better. Far exceeded my expectations.

  Ron Mantegna, Montgomery Ward

Excellent presentation. Good knowledge of many aspects of course.

  Terry DeMarco, WW Grainger

Personality! Made course interesting, even to a non-PC user.

  Stacie Bedford, Apac

Excellent teacher.

  Scott Fischer, ATF, Inc.

Excellent. Had great personality which kept class interesting and moving.

  Jim Butz, Amcol International

John Michael was very informed on the subjects. He also gave very relevant examples of practical applications.

  Chris Krohm, Bank One

Excellent instructor.

  Margaret Weaver, State of California


  William Goodrich, State of California

Instructor was knowledgeable and personable.

  Marlene Leach, State of California

Excellent presentation. Knowledgeable. Personable.

  Beverly Douglas, State of California

Excellent job.

  David Henderson, California Department of Motor Vehicles

Very knowledgeable and interesting.

  Kim Mendenhall, General Motors

Instructor was great. Explains to the students very well. Very concerned that the students understand the contents.

  Monika Cross, Fluor Daniel


  Annabelle Dacones, City of Los Angeles

Very enjoyable as an instructor! Thank you!

  Jenny Trummer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

Very knowledgeable. Always willing to help students.

  Gloria Stinson, IBM

Very good. Kept good pace.

  Becky Cikoch, KPMG

John Michael was very knowledgeable and presented the materials very well.

  Joy Zurek, AC Nielsen

Very personable.

  Barbara Frantonius, Whitman Hart

Excellent. Made course fun. Got all involved. Kept a good pace. Utilized breaks well. Knows his stuff.

  Ronald Callahan, Sears

Provided answers to many questions during break time, lunch. Very willing to help.

  David Kouwe, Alexander Marketing Services

He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and did a great job of retaining class interest & answering any questions asked of him.

  Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuy, Jet Lithocolor

Very positive. Great blending of personal & practical experiences.

  Janet Peters, General Motors Locomotive Group

Instructor did a good job covering a large volume of material.

  James McCloskey, General Motors Locomotive Group

Knowledgeable. Willing to assist the class.

  David Schonauer, General Motors Locomotive Group

Knowledgeable, eager for questions. Many personal examples of relevant topics. Helped to "see the picture". Welcoming personality.

  Jane Konneth, Symbol Technologies

Did a very good job of class management and was very knowledgeable of material. Didn't go beyond students level of understanding.

  Steve Taylor, Rock Island Arsenal

Very well done! Treated us very well.

  Ed Barth, Fidelity Investments

He is an excellent instructor. He shared his experiences with everybody. I learned a lot from him.

  Belinda Adia, State of Maryland

John Michael was very enthusiastic which really helps make a class not only informative but also fun.

  Renee Bricker, NSGA

John Michael was very informative and took time to answer questions and made sure that we understood.

  Linda Payne, U. S. Department of Defense

John Michael is one of the best instructors I've had.

  Richard Baynard, AARP

Excellent energy throughout the day, even at the end. Handles talkers in an excellent manner.

  Thomas Nagle, Internal Revenue Service

Very knowledgeable about subject matter. Good repartee with students. Kept class interesting. Kept good speed to learning.

  Doug Summers, National Security Agency

Instructor very knowledgeable about topics and offered real life examples & experiences to demonstrate topics.

  Sandra McDaniel, National Security Agency

Very insightful. Very capable of answering students' questions.

  Jason DeRosa, U. S. Air Force

Best instructor I've had. Kept high involvement of students, very professional. Very competent.

  Michael Ecker, U. S. Air Force

Very professional, very upbeat. Always kept our attention. Extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Kept the course moving forward at all times.

  Ken Fleming, Stream International

I liked your energy and happy attitude.

  Brenda Weeks, Novartis

Voice was very clear and easy to understand. Was patient with student questions.

  Doug McCormick, Farm Credit Corporation

Funny; interesting; keeps attention on the material.

  Katie Johnson, Scitor

Instructor was great. Wonderful sense of humor, combined with subject matter knowledge, ability to deliver material and interaction with the class really made this course informative & enjoyable.

  Jo Lynn Arnold, U. S. Department of the Treasury

Very knowledgeable about the class subject.

  Giselle Gaskins, TRW

Excellent. Very upbeat & professional.

  Burt Biebuyck, U. S. Department of the Army

The instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject. Funny.

  Brenda Johnson, U. S. Department of Defense

Excellent instructor. Knows topic fluently. Great personality.

  Jude Corina, IMC, Inc.

Made the class very interesting due to his engaging personality. Probably the most dynamic instructor I've ever had.

  Chuck Wilson, Motorola

Instructor demonstrated great enthusiasm for the course. He certainly "knows his stuff!" He was very entertaining and promoted class participation.

  Jeanne Howell, U. S. Department of Justice

Great job!

  Stephen Brozinick, KPMG

Instructor was excellent!

  Katie Johnson, Scitor

Excellent subject knowledge. Kept class moving with plenty of anecdotes and student participation.

  Richard Drost, U. S. Department of State

Solid instructor. One of the better ones I've had.

  George O'Brien, Marriott International

He was very knowledgeable and gave us some useful information. he also made it real world with his life experiences.

  Linda Bell-Powell, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical

Very sensitive to student needs/expectations. Very patient in explaining material not understood. Very knowledgeable. Outstanding instructor!

  Herminio Cardona, U. S. Department of State


  Bertha Kearney, U. S. Postal Service

Masters the subject. Instructor gave very good examples.

  Danielle Belanger, Price Waterhouse Coopers

John Michael Pierobon has an excellent knowledge of the subject area. His contribution of his personal experience aided in making us understand better the subject matter.

  Ernest Leese, MCI

Good job. Appears to know his stuff. Enjoyed class!

  Steve Grace, U. S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Very friendly, animated and open to helping.

  Felicia Eison, U. S. Postal Service

Good at keeping class involved.

  Jennifer Gong, Montgomery Watson

Instructor very active with presenting information. Ensured students understood & interacted with material.

  Bradford Cordes, U. S. Air Force

John Michael is extremely knowledgeable & presents the information in an easy manner. He is very comfortable with the course.

  Verna Lougheed, Daishowa-Marubeni

Excellent. Knew subject matter well.

  Dawn Davis, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

Excellent examples & answers. He knew it very well.

  Michael Christensen, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

Superb! His experience and current knowledge was very helpful.

  David Abraham, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

John Michael has a lot of experience in the field. He willing shared "true experiences" with the class. This brought reality to the academic setting of the class.

  Diane McDorman, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Excellent presentation, answered all questions completely.

  Bill Tiller, Wellspring Resources

One of the best instructors I've had.

  Steven Wall, AT&T

Excellent & well balanced approach to many topics.

  Patrick Mullarkey, Intuit

The instructor was very good. Good sense of humor. Kept the class lively.

  Michael McCormick, U. S. Marine Corps

Great teacher. I hope he can teach me my next course.

  Victor Acuña, Advantage

John Michael is an enthusiastically interesting instructor. He shows a real interest in the subject matter and a sincere interest in the students.

  Frances Hollowell, IBM

John Michael is very knowledgeable on the subject. He answered all questions to the complete satisfaction of the students. I would give him an A+.

  Paul Olbrich, IBM

Good job. Good attitude. No improvements needed.

  Joshua Horton, IBM

The instructor, John Michael Pierobon, is a consummate professional in the Web development area. He is also a first class instructor. He was able to effectively disseminate a tremendous amount of useful information.

  John Scanlon, IBM

The pace was very good. An excellent job moving through some difficult material without going too deeply into detail or off the subject. Very accommodating teaching style.

  Larry Pounds, University of Georgia

Excellent; clear presentation; in depth explanations as required.

  Charles Gallagher, U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

John Michael is very knowledgeable in the subject matter. His personal experience was very relevant to the course.

  Nicie Spratley, Manhattan Associates

Instructor was very knowledgeable and had excellent presentation skills. He involved the class in discussions which helped get specific points across. A real nice guy.

  Guy Grenier, Florida Lottery

Instructor paced course materials very well! Fantastic ability to promote class participation.

  Charlene Mayes, U. S. Department of Defense

Great effort and enthusiasm.

  Jon Calvert, National Guard

He was great with class participation.

  Donald Bridges, U. S. Air Force Innovation Center

Great! Maintained enthusiasm throughout. He made it fun and interesting. He was very knowledgeable.

  Kathy Collins, Training & Seminars Locators


  Sherman Wong, U. S. Postal Service

You should give this employee a raise or make him stay with your company. Rare find for you.

  Dennis Kelley, U. S. Army

Keeps class involved. Good subject knowledge.

  Stephen Lewis, GE Capital Mortgage

Knew material very well; answered questions well; good sense of humor.

  Nancy Weeks, Glendale Community College

Good presentation skills & use of visual aids, slides, etc. Good examples & explanations to clarify & reinforce concepts.

  Stacey Au, Ernst & Young

Good presentation. Great personality.

  James Blankenship, Pharmacia & Upjohn

Very knowledgeable and experienced.

  Albert Green, Georgetown University

Most dedicated, hardest-working instructor I've had to date. Went the extra mile. Definitely knew the course material. Good job, John Michael!

  Tom Salter, Internal Revenue Service

Excellent instructor. Would definitely take a class from him again.

  Jeremy Wood, U. S. Air Force

Very energetic & engaging; knowledgeable & willing to share "tidbits".

  David Strumfels, Rohm & Hass

Well versed in subject. Made class entertaining & fun to learn.

  John Vogt, Federal Aviation Administration

He used his practical experience & knowledge to give us a good start in this area.

  Santosh Maskeri, World Bank

The instructor was very patient and kept the class lively.

  Clint Whitley, U. S. Marine Corps

Excellent knowledge and communication skills.

  Matthew Cullen, U. S. Army War College

Excellent! Tremendous knowledge of subject matter and good teaching skills.

  Dennis Cooper, Defense Logistics Agency

The instructor was very good. Was good at putting very technical info into language that was understandable.

  John Whaley, Pitney Bowes

Instructor was very knowledgeable, funny, and helpful.

  Chris Ward, National Institute of Health


  Michael Vu, Federal Aviation Administration

Instructor seemed very knowledgeable on the subject!

  Daniel Royce, U. S. Census Bureau

Excellent instructor. One of the best I have had. The content was presented in a "learnable" manner. I truly enjoyed being in his class.

  James Titcomb, Lockheed Martin

Very well educated about course topics and "real life" situations. Used analogies and professional experiences to help us understand the content.

  Dwayne Traylor, Maximus

Very enthusiastic. Spoke in terms I could understand.

  Valorie Evans, U. S. Army

A natural! Terrific.

  Beth Cain, U. S. Air Force

Well prepared. Knowledgeable, in depth personal experiences emphasized classroom principals.

  Rick Gray, U. S. Air Force

Great instructor! He is one of the best.

  David Kaiser, U. S. Air Force

The instructor is the best I've had in over 12 years at AT&T.

  Lisa Ehrman, AT&T

Enjoyable class.

  Tony Alexander, AT&T

Excellent, knowledgeable, enthused.

  John Sorrels, AT&T

Good pace. Always available before/after class. Friendly. East to follow.

  Linda Rawe, AT&T

Excellent presentation sills. Very knowledgeable. Worked well with students. Flexible with breaks and lunch.

  Joyce Glover, AT&T

Teacher is knowledgeable, intelligent and really encourages learning.

  Anthony Smith, AT&T

Kept his ( & consequently our ) energy up. Very knowledgeable.

  Debby Nicklaus, Eastman Kodak

John Michael Pierobon was extremely knowledgeable in the subject. He was willing to stay after class to answer questions. He moved at an appropriate pace and he is nice.

  Margaret Nightengale, Eastman Kodak

I have never attended a course where the instructor was so thorough and efficient as John Michael Pierobon. He is very knowledgeable, professional and he makes learning enjoyable and personal.

  Jackie Stevens, Eastman Kodak

Very effective. A lot of energy.

  Jim Hanenstein, Eastman Kodak

Outstanding. Good presentation skills. Very knowledgeable.

  Brian Krasavage, Eastman Kodak

John Michael was an excellent instructor. He made the class fun and acted in a very professional manner. He was extremely patient and answered all questions. A likeable kind of guy!

  Deborah Bostwick, Eastman Kodak

John Michael did an excellent job. He kept the class interesting as well as informative.

  James Niederbaumer, Eastman Kodak

Our instructor was very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about course subject matter. He gave many real life examples to make the material more understandable and involved all students in participation.

  Kerry Driscoll, Eastman Kodak

Very knowledgeable, but he did not ramble on. Very professional job!

  Thomas Barry, Eastman Kodak

Excellent instructor!

  Richard Bartl, Eastman Kodak

Has a unique teaching style that makes the student want to participate and feel comfortable doing so.

  Peggy Parker, Eastman Kodak

John Michael was not only very knowledgeable, but enthusiastic, humorous & helpful. He mad the large volume of material easier to handle.

  Robert Paveleck, Lucent

The instructor kept the student motivated. Motivation level was high. Very intelligent man. Stayed on point. Very knowledgeable.

  LaNorris Pla, Pratt & Whitney

Excellent communication skills. Very organized. Patient and complete.

  Don Payne, Lufthansa USA

Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter, and was able to answer all questions. This is unusual in most courses I have taken.

  Ronald Tyler, Navistar

John Michael was an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable. I was extremely impressed. Good presentation skills.

  Martha Seeds, Campbell Soup Company

John Michael did an excellent job!

  Todd Holmquist-Sutherland, University of Chicago

John Michael did an excellent job of maintaining an upbeat energy level. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Kept the course from hitting any low spots.

  Joan Hoigard, Tellabs

He put a lot of effort into teaching the class and kept it interesting.

  George Lott, Kimberly-Clark

John Michael was good at keeping students involved and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  Greg Jones, Kimberly-Clark

I thought he knew the subject matter very well. He was able to answer questions & was up-to-date on things. I liked how he controlled the class. Started on time & did not tolerate certain things from students.

  Patricia Baer-Watts, TDS Telecom

The instructor has an in depth knowledge of the subjects taught. All questions were answered well. A very good class.

  Tisa Mould, Republic National Bank

An obvious expert in this area. He was able to answer every question and simplify any concepts which students had difficulty understanding.

  Leonard Paquette, Pearl Marketing International

Informative. Uses humor to interact with students. Makes user comfortable, thereby allowing students to learn better. Very good!

  Jason Chan, Barnes & Noble

J. M. Pierobon kept the class lively with examples, detailed explanations. Demonstrated hands-on knowledge of subject matter, based on his ability to help with class exercises.

  Patricia Naparsteck, N. T. A.

Good job!

  Amy Benson, U. S. Department of State

Great instructor. Kept the pace going without being too glossy.

  Glen Day, Defense Intelligence Agency

Did a good job controlling the class flow.

  Steven Marcussen, Trident Data Systems

Instructor was very knowledgeable

  Gerard Banayad, U. S. Air Force

Excellent instructor with real wold experience.

  Verlon Stone, ARAMCO

John Michael was very good. He explained things well.

  Amanda O'Connor, Andersen Consulting

John Michael is engaging, and his personal interest in this area shows. He does a very good job of keeping the class focused on the topic at hand.

  Samuel Fitting, Motorola

More instructors should be this knowledgeable.

  Ken Fessett, CRL Industries

Extremely good instructor. Involving, full knowledge of material. Terrific ability to teach rather than just present.

  Bonnie Daubert, Andersen Consulting

Very good. Knew the topic inside & out. Was able to answer all questions form class participants.

  Laura Schiro, Andersen Consulting

The best instructor I've had. He was extremely knowledgeable and was determined that all students leave with a firm understanding of the material.

  Shaki Little, U. S. Air Force

Very good instructor. He kept the class interested, and the class was conducted at a good pace.

  Patti Dixon, Mitsubishi Electronics

Instructor was very dynamic in delivering course material. He presented the course material in a very logical, organized manner.

  Richard Kimble, Unocal

Dynamic, friendly, helpful. Interested in teaching.

  Dan Palermo, CSC

Very knowledgeable on subject matter.

  Michael Dubos, Xerox

Excellent, and patient with both slow student and troublemakers, while keeping class on course.

  Ann Rider, Dow Jones

Very professional instructor. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

  John Daniels, U. S. Navy

John Michael is very knowledgeable and presents the material in an interesting way.

  Donna Davison, AT&T Wireless

This instructor was truly the best instructor I have had in 22 years of taking commercial courses while working for the Dept. of the Navy. He is knowledgeable, professional and helpful to the students.

  Ann Flanagan, Naval Underwater Weapons Center

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  Laura Bryant, Leather Center

Very funny! I liked his use of metaphors. That's what really helps me to understand.

  Melonie Stephens, Leather Center

Excellent in every way.

  Lawrence Paccone, TASC

John Michael is an excellent instructor. He handles questions well and encourages interaction.

  James Van Artsdalen, BellSouth

Wonderful instructor. Open to comments and questions.

  Andrew Lanchoney, Adnet


  Gail Shuster, U. S. Department of State

John Michael is knowledgeable and was extremely concerned with making sure we understood. He also threw a few jokes & puns out to keep dry topics interesting.

  Richard Inzunza, INS

Your effort to please comes through. Keep that up.

  Richard Carmack, Eastman Kodak

Very professional & helpful.

  Harvey Spiro, NRC

Very knowledgeable. Handled the class well. Remembered everybody's name and job, tried to personalize quite often. I am very pleased.

  Ryan Minzy, U. S. Army

Very knowledgeable! High energy! Interesting instructor!

  Terry Bearce, Los Alamos National Labs

Instructor was knowledgeable and interesting.

  Ravi Chandran, International Paper

Excellent instructor. Very well presented.

  Mary Frick, AAA Michigan

Very professional and well versed in area of expertise.

  Eric Armer, General Council of Seventh Day Adventist

Great instructor. Lots of practical experience relative to the topics.

  Steven Marcussen, Trident Data Systems

Best instructor I've had, and I've had several courses!

  David Opalenik, FDA

Very knowledgeable. Explained course topics so everyone could understand.

  Carlene Harris, Defense Intelligence Agency

Knowledge in multiple subject areas - excellent. Somehow knew all the answers! Very good environment for learning. Kept everyone involved.

  John Hinton, U. S. Air Force

Instructor was excellent. Kept the pace of the class moving and was very clear in his instructions.

  Jason Lee, U. S. Marine Corps

Very knowledgeable, very pleasant and enthusiastic.

  Leila Archer, McKesson Bio Services

Great instructor.

  Arezou Johnson, Federal Aviation Administration

John Michael is knowledgeable about the subject matter. His background gave credence to much of the material.

  Anthony Iwaszko, U. S. Department of Justice

Great guy. Excellent teacher. Very courteous & attentive to people's needs.

  Francisco Barroso, U. S. Department of Justice

Great! Very knowledgeable & willing to share his knowledge with the class.

  Brian Porter, Eastman Kodak

Great instructor. Really knows the content. Has great background.

  James Clattenburg, Eastman Kodak

Very knowledgeable.

  Joe O'Dea, Eastman Kodak

Knowledgeable, well organized, very willing to answer questions.

  Roger Howe, Eastman Kodak

Terrific. Lots of energy. Very willing to take time to explain information further when questions came up. He's a keeper!

  Deborah Wilson, Eastman Kodak

The instructor is enthusiastic in conducting the course. Good classroom management.

  Kelvin Yiu Kwan Lau, Hong Kong Productivity Council

Good at encouraging people to participate.

  Wai Wong, Hong Kong Housing Department

Articulate. Easy to understand. Encouraged class participation.

  Sylvia Doulaverakis, Hong Kong Productivity Council

Knows his stuff & shares it well.

  Loren Allson, Eastman Kodak

Great instructor. Had lots of experience, was able to pull it into course to enlighten us, shed knowledge in areas to help explain.

  Joel Bratsch, Eastman Kodak

Very professional & experienced!

  Robert Henry, Eastman Kodak

Great instructor. He was able to both teach the class and also pass on real world experience.

  Marilyn Chandley, Eastman Kodak

Clear & precise.

  Jens Wrage, Eastman Kodak

Very good. Knowledgeable. Helpful - patient. Encouraged participation.

  Ann Burruto, Eastman Kodak

Very knowledgeable and personable.

  Walt Zimmerman, Eastman Kodak

John Michael has a very good handle on the information. He was also good at working with individuals who had problems.

  David Jackson, Eastman Kodak

John Michael is an excellent instructor.

  Doug Werts, Eastman Kodak

Excellent in all areas.

  Ernie Werzinger, Eastman Kodak

He was very concerned about our learning the material and getting our questions answered, not just plowing through slides. The "virtual" candy was a great reinforcement for asking questions. He made it a very enjoyable, fun & rewarding experience.

  Wes Vyverberg, Eastman Kodak

Excellent. One of the best instructors I've had. Fully knowledgeable.

  Tom McGuinnis, Eastman Kodak

Instructor is very knowledgeable & knows how to capture students' attention.

  Pansy Moy, Infoshare

Made the course enjoyable.

  Richard Stedding, Air National Guard

Very good instructor. Kept class interesting.

  Jackie Leshko, Revlon

Very much enjoyed instructor; knowledgeable, enthusiastic.

  Harold Watkins, Bowie State University

Exceptional. Clear, concise, knowledgeable. Obviously deeply involved in the field. Friendly and upbeat, easy to talk to.

  Charles Rankin, AT&T

He was very alert to class questions and answered them in a prompt fashion.

  Sharon Gruss, United Communications Group

Captivating, very helpful super smart guy.

  Veronica Knox, Norfolk Southern Railroad

John Michael was a nurturing and competent instructor. He often used his personal experience to drive home a point.

  Richard Barrett, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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