Basic Statistical Assessment

Course Description

In this three-day hands-on course students learn about descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, and how to present statistical data to make critical decisions in engineering, education, and business.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Course Benefits

Many companies make decision based on the highest paid person's opinion, and not based on facts or numbers. With data growing in goeometrical proportions, better business decisions can now be made with available data. Organizing data into statistics is fairly easy, but presenting statistical information in the proper way to make a correct assessment, is key to making the best decision. -------------------------------------------------

Who Should Attend

This course is valuable for anyone that has to present statistical information or make a decision based on statistical data including:



Students are expected to know how to add, subtract, multipy, and divide.


Method Of Instruction

Lecture, demonstrations, four short interactive quizzes, one dozen short videos, questions and answers, and numerous hands-on exercises.


Hands-on Exercises

Throughout this course, students perform a series of extensive hands-on exercises including:


Course Outline

Chapter 1: Basic Statistical Definitions Chapter 2: More Statistical Definitions Chapter 3: Using Graphs And Charts Chapter 4: Validity And Reliability Chapter 5 Confidence Intervals