Chapter 10: Review

In this chapter we learned about:

The <BLINK> Tag. The <BLINK> tag is used to highlight text. The syntax is:

<BLINK>"blinking text"</BLINK>

You can modify the size of the font on your page. The syntax is:

<FONT SIZE=value>"text"</FONT>
Where value can be relative or absolute. If you use the a plus sign or a minus sign, then the size of the font is relative to the size of the base font, which defaults to 3.

You can have different colors in your HTML document. This is done by adding color attributes, to the <BODY>tag. Here is the syntax:

<BODY BGCOLOR="#rrggbb" TEXT="#rrggbb" LINK="#rrggbb" ALINK="#rrggbb" VLINK="#rrggbb">


The value of the color must be in quotation marks and preceded by the number sign.

You can have a background pattern or image in your HTML document. This is done by adding the BACKGROUND attribute, to the <BODY>tag. Here is the syntax:
Where "URL" is the URL of the file which will be used as the background.

This should be an image which is light in color so it will create a good contrast with the foreground and text.

To refresh a page use the following syntax:
Where number is the number of seconds to pause before the page is refreshed, and filename is the name of the file to display when the refresh occurs.

You can include audio files into your HTML document. Use the <A> tag to link to an audio file.

This concludes the chapter on cool stuff.


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