A background pattern or image can be specified in HTML within the <BODY> tag. This is done by adding the BACKGROUND attribute, to the tag. Here is the syntax:
Where "URL" is the URL of the file which will be used as the background.

This should be an image which is light in color so it will create a good contrast with the foreground and text. The image should not be very big because the image will be repeated in a pattern.

When specifying a background image using the BACKGROUND attribute it is a good idea to also specify a background color, with the BGCOLOR attribute, similar to the prevailing color of the background image. If the person viewing your page has image loading off, or if your background image cannot be loaded for some reason, the page will still look close to the way you intended. Also, if the image you specify as a background has transparent areas, the background color will show through.

I understand how to add a background. I want to know how to refesh pages.


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