Travel Time Exercise

Let us see what you know about travel time by answering the following questions.

  1. Which flight is shorter than six hours?
    1. Singapore to Bangkok
    2. Singapore to Melboure
    3. Singapore to Seoul
    4. Singapore to Sydney
    5. Singapore to Tokyo

  2. Which pair cities are less than three hours away from each other by car?
    1. Copenhagen and Oslo
    2. Los Angeles and San Francisco
    3. Miami and Orlando
    4. Milan and Rome
    5. Milan and Turin

  3. Which pair of cities are in the same time zone?
    1. Chicago and Detroit
    2. Helsinki and Stockholm
    3. Lisbon and Madrid
    4. London and Paris
    5. Seoul and Tokyo

  4. Which flight is shorter than ten hours?
    1. Athens to New York
    2. Buenos Aires to New York
    3. Helsinki to New York
    4. San Francisco to Seoul
    5. San Francisco to Tokyo

© 2004 - 2009 John Michael Pierobon