Chapter 4 Review Questions

Let us see how much you have learned in this chapter by going over these review questions.

  1. Your local government can help you find trading partners through all except which of the following?
    1. International banks
    2. Sister cities
    3. Trade leads
    4. Trade missions
    5. Trade shows

  2. Which is not an advantage to participating in a trade mission?
    1. Backing of your government.
    2. Meeting potential trading partners that are prequalified.
    3. Opportunity to meet high level government officials.
    4. Organizing transportation routings and shipment consolidations.
    5. Travel and event logistics are arranged for you.

  3. Which statement is false regarding international trade consultants?
    1. Are of greatest value to a firm that has specific requirements.
    2. Can advise and assist on all aspects of exporting and foreign marketing.
    3. Can help you find trading partners.
    4. Can help you locate manufacturing facilities, and retail outlets.
    5. Specialize by export method.

  4. Trade and industry associations can help you many ways except which of the following?
    1. Hosting visiting trade missions from other countries.
    2. Organizing pavilions at foreign trade shows.
    3. Providing certificates of origin.
    4. Providing trade finance and risk management services.
    5. Sponsoring export seminars and workshops.

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