Sample Form For Requesting A Letter Of Credit

Dear International Buyer:
We are providing the following instructions as a guideline to be used when opening a letter of credit to us. Because a letter of credit is a very critical document, please verify that the information is accurate and complete, without any mistakes which can create a discrepancy and lead to our subsequent request for an amendment, and delay the shipment.
Regarding your purchase order number dated , please ask your bank to open an irrevocable, at sight, commercial letter of credit according to the following terms and conditions.
Beneficiary Name
Beneficiary Address
Requested Advising Bank Name
Requested Advising Bank Address
In the amount of US$
The letter of credit must be payable at the counters of or it must be negotiable and payable at the counters of a bank in .
The letter of credit must be in the possession of the Advising Bank and received by us days before the agreed upon shipment date.
Shipment will occur days after an acceptable letter of credit is in the possession of the Advising Bank.
Shipment terms are: Incoterms 2000
Partial shipments are permitted.
Latest shipment date is . Latest expiration date is .
Documentary requirements are:
  1. Signed commercial invoice originals and copies
  2. Packing list originals and copies
Documents are to be presented within days from the shipping date.
All bank charges will be paid by the Applicant.