Making a list

It is time for an exercise. To the HTML file you created in the previous chapter, make an ordered lists out of the cities, an unordered nested list out of the Italian foods and fruits and a definition for "favorite", similar to the example shown below.

<TITLE>My Home Page</TITLE>

<!-- Written by me -->
<!-- Created:  yesterday -->
<!-- Last modified:  today -->


<H1>&#161;Viva M&eacute;xico&#33;</H1> <HR>
My <EM>favorite</EM> cities are:  
<LI>Rio de Janeiro
Some of my <EM>favorite</EM> foods are: 
      <LI>Lasagna               <LI>Pizza 
      <LI>Prosciutto            <LI>Ravioli
      <LI>Apples                <LI>Bananas 
      <LI>Cherries              <LI>Figs
      <LI>Grapes                <LI>Melon
      <LI>Nectarines            <LI>Oranges

<DD>A person, or thing liked or prefered above all others; 
regarded with special favor; special.  Things I really like.


Once you have added to your HTML file, run it to see if you get the same results I obtained.

Let's review this chapter.


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