Chapter 8 Review Questions

Let us see how much you have learned in this chapter by going over these review questions.

  1. When is a prospect most receptive to buying your product?
    1. When they are in euphoria mode.
    2. When they are in growth mode.
    3. When they are in steady state mode.
    4. When they are in trouble and you can quickly solve their problem.
    5. When they are in trouble and you have the best product.

  2. The role of the financial buyer is usually played by whom?
    1. Chief financial officer
    2. Customs officer
    3. End user
    4. Engineer
    5. Goverment bureaucrat sitting in a ministry

  3. Which is false regarding an owner buyer?
    1. Owner buyers are generalists.
    2. Owner buyers are paid to predict the future.
    3. Owner buyers do not buy concepts, they buy products.
    4. Owner buyers want knowledge.
    5. Owner buyers want trust.

  4. Which statement is false?
    1. A good advisor is essential to good strategy.
    2. The government makes for a good advisor.
    3. The more advisors you have the better off you will be.
    4. You can never have enough advisors.
    5. You want to identify the customer that matches your strength.

© 2004 John Michael Pierobon