Chapter 5 Review Questions

Let us see how much you have learned in this chapter by going over these review questions.

  1. Which statement is false?
    1. Jet lag will impact ability to hit the ground running when you arrive at your foreign destination.
    2. When planning your voyage you need to know holidays occur in the country you are visiting.
    3. You should always trust your travel agent.
    4. You should build flexibility into your travel agenda.
    5. You should reconfirm your appointments before you leave on your voyage.

  2. Where to stay on your trip?
    1. In a first class business hotel.
    2. In a hotel that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    3. In a luxury hotel catering to rich tourists.
    4. In the cheapest hotel you can find.
    5. Wherever your travel agent recommends.

  3. Which statement is true regarding hotels?
    1. All hotels charge everyone the same price for the same type of room.
    2. Hotel rates always include breakfast.
    3. Hotel rates never include breakfast.
    4. Understanding the cancellation policy of a hotel can save you money.
    5. Unlike airlines, hotels do not offer frequent flyer miles.

  4. If immunizations are required for you trip, what will you will need to obtain?
    1. A business visa.
    2. A certified note from your doctor.
    3. A flu shot from your doctor.
    4. An International Certificate of Vaccination.
    5. Written permission to travel from your health insurance company.

© 2004 John Michael Pierobon