The title of the page must be placed within the head section. The beginning of the title is marked by the <TITLE> tag, and the end with the </TITLE> tag. Most browsers display the title on the top portion of the frame of the page. Some browsers give the user the option to hide the display of the title. Many browsers also display the title of the document in the document title field, and use the title as the bookmark listing.

Titles should be short, but descriptive, and limited to one line, so they can fit within the frame of the page. You should avoid accentuation within the title because it is the window manager, and not the browser, that interprets the title. Some window managers do not support accents.

<TITLE>My Home Page</TITLE>

<!-- Written by me -->
<!-- Created:  yesterday -->
<!-- Last modified:  today -->


This is where the text goes. 


I understand the TITLE tag. Is there more?


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