The Headings Tags

Topic headings are used as titles for sections in HTML documents. A heading is different than a header. Only one header (<HEAD>) appears in an HTML document, but you can have as many headings as you like. Headings come in six different sizes, and are displayed differently from regular text, usually in bold and left justified. The format of the heading tag is:

Where n is a number from 1 to 6. It is recommended that you use <H1> to represent main headings, <H2> tags to represent subheadings, etc.

I added some more text to the body of my document in order to show the different headings.

<TITLE>My Home Page</TITLE>

<!-- Written by me -->
<!-- Created:  yesterday -->
<!-- Last modified:  today -->


<H1>This is heading H1.</H1>
<H2>This is heading H2.</H2>
<H3>This is heading H3.</H3>
<H4>This is heading H4.</H4>
<H5>This is heading H5.</H5>
<H6>This is heading H6.</H6>

This is where the text goes.

Written by

Let's see what this code looks like. I understand headings. What other character styles are there?

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