Escape Sequence Characters

The characters listed below have special meanings in HTML documents. These codes are required so you can use them without confusing HTML, since all HTML markers, or tags start with an "<" and end with an ">".

There are the four escape sequences.

          <     &lt;  (Less than sign)
          >     &gt;  (Greater than sign)
          &    &amp;  (Ampersand sign)
          "   &quot;  (Double quote)
Each of these special characters has a logical name, for example "lt" for the less than sign. To use these characters, start with an ampersand, then the name (lt, gt, amp, or quot), and end it with a semicolon. An ampersand written in HTML would be &amp;

Be sure to end the sequence with a semicolon, because if you do not you will not get the desired result. An ampersand written in HTML without the semicolon will look like this &amp. An ampersand properly written in HTML with the semicolon at the end will look like this &

I understand these special characters, but what about the ISO Latin-1 special characters?


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