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General Search Tips

Enter one or more keywords using any combination of the author's name, the book's title, and/or a subject heading. If you use more than one keyword, the search engine will restrict the results to books that each match all the keywords you enter.

Here are some examples using the search engine:

Searching by subject is at times tricky. Books may be indexed under more than one subject. Some books in the database are not indexed by subject at all.

Finally, it is advisable, although not always necessary, to put quotation marks (") around properties such as titles. Titles (and sometimes authors' names and subject category names) may contain words that are recognized as special. For example, looking for a title that includes words such as and, or, or begins will confuse the search engine unless you put quotation marks around the book's title.

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Children's Book Searches

Here are some of the best ways to use the children's and young adult book search:

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Audiobook Searches

Enter "cassette" and the last names of favorite authors or words from your favorite titles. If this does not work, try just searching for the title or author. Browse through the search results to see if one of the items listed is an audiocassette edition of the book you want. Entering "cassette" alone will return a very long list of search results, and therefore is not recommended.

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Video Searches

You can link to listings of videos in the catalog with the search engine. If you enter only "video" you will get a long list of search results. You may also try a search using the keyword "VHS". Many instructional videocassettes also carry the subject heading "instruction."

If you are looking for a particular title and searching with one of the above methods does not work, you may want to try just searching for the title; browse through the search results to see if one of the items listed is a videocassette.

Please note that all of the videos sold by follow the 60Hz, NTSC format. This is the video format used in North America. These tapes will not play on most video machines in Europe, Japan, or other countries that use PAL, SECAM, or other video standards.

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Searches for Books in Languages Other Than English

The catalog lists books in languages other than English, and although a large proportion of these are in French or Spanish, a number of other languages are represented.

Because the titles of these books are listed in the language they are printed in, the best search strategy is to enter the author's last name and a word or two from the non-English title. For example, Dr. Seuss' classic Green Eggs and Ham is available in Spanish--it is listed under the title Huevos Verdes con Jamón, and a search for "Seuss Huevos" or "Seuss Verde" will find it. You will also find it on my libros en Español page.

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